Sunday, July 12, 2009


i have set some challenging goals for myself this week. i am excited about next sundy evening, where i'll sit at my desk with a cup of tea and smile about things i've accomplished.

fast for 30 days
my friend kha'geeyah and i are fasting for 30 days. i am very excited about the fast, and it is definitely needed. i need more discipline in my life, and i want to be in my best shape. i want to cleanse my body of all the mucus forming foods i have been eating: rice, sugar, cheese, soy, etc.

we are doing a raw food fast. i'm so ready to try some of these raw 3-layer cakes and mouth-watering entrees i've been checking out for the past few years on the sunny raw kitchen...

make 10 phone calls/day
inspired by a facebook friend, kamau. he said he will make 120 phone calls this week. i told shared with him my struggle to keep in touch with many of the people i know (business and personal), and that if he makes all those phone calls he will be my HERO.

so i'm inspired. i will simply set a goal, and one action at a time, i will meet that goal. and each time, i will feel one step closer to the me i want to be...

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