Monday, April 20, 2009

roots to fruits

i love roots to fruits. it is a homeschol/cultural center that has brilliant beautiful children, delicious live and vegan food, and fun, enriching classes and events. last month we attended the storytime brunch, and next week there will be another one, which we are really looking forward to. the children maintain their own organic garden, and they do all the work. they are so good at explaining how to care for the garden, and why it is so important to grow your own food.

roots to fruits is located in lithonia, and they have a daily childcare and homeschool program, gardening workshops, french classes, and so much more. my children love it, and it is truly a gift to the community.

my little business owners

assata is a little business woman. people (myself included) are so impressed with the way she conducts her business, sweets. she is getting really good at counting her own change, and learning some great communication skills. she also is great at handling rejection, which is the aspect of sales that i hate. "would you like a cookie or brownie? no? okay! have a nice day!" she says it with her cheerful, high-pitched voice, and skips away.

now she's at a point where certain people are waiting for her, and if she skips a day, they're asking," girl, where you been? where's my brownie?"

dhani is the assistant that doesn't really assist. but he's fun to have around! every once in a while he'll take the money and put it in his pocket, or cut paper for the thankyou cards that assata gives clients. for the most part, he likes to be dropped off at the shop with his daddy.

i'm starting a blog that their clients can check out to see the events and experiences that they are supporting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


sometimes we just like to jump on the bus or the train and go somewhere. we kinda decide along the way. that's why i love atlanta...the transportation system makes it really easy to just roam the city aimlessly, without worrying about driving or parking.

with my children, simple everyday things are an adventure....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the IKEA trap

we spent the day at IKEA. i absolutely love this store, though it does aMAZE me that once you start, you seem to get lost, trapped even, and it's totally against your will, but you don't put up a fight because everthing makes you say "oooooooooh!" or "i need that," so you grab strategically placed, fairly priced needs and wants along the way, and you gradually forget about your unexpected incarceration.

we had plans to get a potty and a plant, and came out with a few more things, but that was to be expected.

the kids enjoyed measuring the furniture and recording their findings with the measuring tapes, mini pencils and paper that the store has in little stations all throughout the store.