Monday, April 20, 2009

my little business owners

assata is a little business woman. people (myself included) are so impressed with the way she conducts her business, sweets. she is getting really good at counting her own change, and learning some great communication skills. she also is great at handling rejection, which is the aspect of sales that i hate. "would you like a cookie or brownie? no? okay! have a nice day!" she says it with her cheerful, high-pitched voice, and skips away.

now she's at a point where certain people are waiting for her, and if she skips a day, they're asking," girl, where you been? where's my brownie?"

dhani is the assistant that doesn't really assist. but he's fun to have around! every once in a while he'll take the money and put it in his pocket, or cut paper for the thankyou cards that assata gives clients. for the most part, he likes to be dropped off at the shop with his daddy.

i'm starting a blog that their clients can check out to see the events and experiences that they are supporting.