Thursday, December 31, 2009

mixing it up

my dad and i began creating bath and spa products together when i was pregnant with my daughter. we started in my grandmother's kitchen, playing around with glycerin and essential oils, shea butter and borax powder. we had some books from the library, and some recipes we had collected from different magazines. we made some lavender soap, and some yummy, lotion-like body cream, and we were so proud of ourselves. we so enjoyed mixing up simple ingredients and making such luxurious and delicious smelling treats that we both began doing our own research on the healing properties of different herbs, oils and other ingredients.

eight years later, we still get excited on the days we get together to create, and we are like excited little children when we open a new shipment of jars, or get to smell some new smells. my dad enjoys it so much that he actually takes the time to put every little bag or jar on the scale to make sure it has the exact amout it should, even though it's not very time-effecient, and EVEN THOUGH IT'S BEEN MEASURED OUT ALREADY.... i tease him all the time about this, but the excitement on his's just too cute, so i just let him do it.

we have created dozens of products, together and seperately, over the years, given them as gifts, sold them to friends and neighbors, at festivals and in stores. we have made many changes over the years, tweaked lots of recipes, added and taken away different flavors, and enjoyed every moment in the process.

my dad has been trying to get me to be more dedicated to creating products all these years. he knew from the day we began that he loved it, and would love to do it full time. i knew i loved it too, but also loved managing art galleries, writing proposals, creating vegan food, being an artist, a jewelry maker, a wife and mother, and a homeschooler. and some other things. while i still enjoy and do all these things and more, i am now ready to focus on neema spa and take it to the next level. FINALLY! (i know that's what my dad is saying)...

my daddy has waited patiently for me to "come around" fine-tuning his skills, creating his own recipes and expanding his knowledge throughout the waiting period. i'm thankful that he didn't give up on me, even though i was all over the place!

so now with this new blog, we'll take you with us on our journey, through our learning process, and into our kitchen lab. enjoy!