Thursday, January 29, 2009

mid day progress

today i have networked online more than i ever have! i am becoming more disciplined, and i'm very proud of myself. being a homebody doesn't pay off for your business or your social life if you don't make use of the internet!

i just got done mixing my paints, and now i'm going to store them in a bunch of little baby food jars. i'm really excited about using these colors i made on some of my upcoming projects!

i have relisted items in my 3eyedneema shop, and uploaded all my new photos onto the computer. i would like to create a portfolio of some of the photographs i've been taken.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i need to create

so today was a more of a home improvement day...painted the house and took care of some boring household chores. but tonight... i have plans to mix up paints and dyes to add to the studio for future projects that have been dancing around in my head for months, some batiks, some greeting cards, oh i just don't have enough hands to keep up with my plans!

i'm very proud of how the white walls turned out...makes this old house look more alive and clean and livable...i'm very tempted to keep the couch in the middle of the room and the dollhouses on the table...

i have to get these children to bed so i can create something! assata is on the floor in my studo making mini kites, rasul is whining to hang from my nipple as usual, but it can't happen right now, i'm blogging! dhani is in his daddy's studio, hanging out with him as usual.

i'm going to finish this late dinner, so that i can make some of my ideas come true tonight before i get to sleepy, or, as i often do, pass out while i'm breasfeeding.

Monday, January 26, 2009

blog organization

i have spent the day blogging and organizing my blogs. i will use this as my main blog, with general "anika" info, and then get more into detail in my other blogs, depending on the subject (art, homeschool, health, projects, etc.)

there's just so much to say!

here's a little peek into what we've been doing this week:

they always want to help with laundry, so i gave them laundry 101 today, and they did a load by themselves!

assata and dhani made their own cinnamon sugar scrub, cinnamon oatmeal soap, and peppermint oatmeal soap.

multiple shops

i created an etsy shop for my items i create out of recycled materials. i do so many different things, and i do not want my etsy shops to be crowded and incohesive. so in an effort to appear like i have myself together, i have created different shops for my different things! more on that later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

rock obama

dhani: they're talking about obama again.
assata: yeah, there's barack obama.
dhani: yeah, rock obama, because he's a rock star.
assata: it's BA-rock obama! besides, he doesn't even have a guitar.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

i erased my blog!

i don't know how i could have been so stupid, but i just erased my blog i've been posting on for over 2 years! i really just meant to delete one post. it was more of a journal blog, but i was ready to start sharing it with other people! i just made a list of friends and family i want to share it with. shit shit shit! okay, i got it out, time to start from square one. here's my first post!