Thursday, January 29, 2009

mid day progress

today i have networked online more than i ever have! i am becoming more disciplined, and i'm very proud of myself. being a homebody doesn't pay off for your business or your social life if you don't make use of the internet!

i just got done mixing my paints, and now i'm going to store them in a bunch of little baby food jars. i'm really excited about using these colors i made on some of my upcoming projects!

i have relisted items in my 3eyedneema shop, and uploaded all my new photos onto the computer. i would like to create a portfolio of some of the photographs i've been taken.


  1. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Your blog is looking great too. What a beautiful family! Yes, keep making use of the social networks and please show us more of your artwork!
    ~Anna Lee

  2. Anika you inspired me to try! I went back to Poopoolala's and Created a BLOG!! WHEW HEW
    check it out.

    Your little people are so amazing and interesting. You are doing Jah work....
    Love Zarah