Monday, November 15, 2010

whispering voices

when we walk into a room
the ancestors part the crowd
clearing a path for us
to walk hand in hand

when we come together to learn
time stands still
knowledge flows freely
we evolve
in a rapid but steady pace
breaking down barriers

we have built a house
with no walls
so the messages flow freely

the bones of our home
are trees and stones
the foundation is strong
like new
wind breezing through
lightly pushing voices around

soft. subtle. bringing forth
that move big things.

stories. people. worlds.
whispering voices that make
screaming changes.
loud and real. bold and necessary.

we came together
as a result of forces
beyond or control.
plans made by the Divine.

so only divine things manifest.

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  1. Really beautiful post hun.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate