Friday, September 10, 2010

flab for a good cause

Yesterday, Tiffany and I spent the afternoon baking some new recipes for Sweetea Pie, our dessert and tea company. We baked key lime cupcakes and vegan blondies. Everything tasted wonderful. So wonderful that we began to wonder why the hell two people with no self control decided to bake for a living!

As I popped the sixth mini key lime cupcake into my mouth, I began to wonder if I had cancelled out the boot camp class Tiffany and I had gone to the night before. Oh well, you gotta test your new products before you put them on the market, right? And even if you gain a few pounds of flab around the torso area in the process, isn't it all for the greater good?

Well that's what I thought, until I logged onto Facebook, and read Tiffany's update, which basically said she wanted to DRINK the key lime buttercream frosting she made, and that's when I realized that we are in serious trouble.

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