Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a relaxing day

yesterday was so relaxing. i woke up w/ plans to vend at an event, but really felt like just taking it easy before my trip to akron. i know i'm going to be busy there, as usual. i'll be squeezing a a month of meeting and gathering and thrifting into one tiny little week.

tj asked me if i wanted to grill, and i said yes. he washed some dishes and said he was going to get some fish. i went to sip some tea and get my facebook fix. a little while later, i walked into the kitchen, and this brotha had a pot on every eye, foil pans everywhere...cooking like we were having company. greens, green beans, yams, grilled shrimp kabobs, snapper, perch, he was NOT PLAYING AROUND. i assisted a little... i cut the veggies and poured the moscato.

i think he fixed all of this food to comfort himself while i'm gone... or i'd love to think that. the real truth is, though he will miss us, he's looking forward to solitude, which is something we offer each other on a regular basis, by removing the screaming children from the house...only then can work be done and relaxation take place.

and it's really nice to miss someone.

i'm sure he'll zone out in the studio...i'm looking forward to hearing what he creates when i get back. he's been recording with his cousins lately, and i love the song they are working on now.

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